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Younha Peace Love & Ice Cream MV and Comeback

Younha‘s Peace Love & Ice Cream MV is already out and here is her comeback performance at M CountDown on April 16.

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Younha Peace Love & Ice Cream Teaser

video by CodeAnalysis

Younha‘s 123 just barely came out and a teaser for her next single, Peace Love & Ice Cream, was released today.

Younha beating Big Bang and Super Junior


Shortly after the release of her single for her comeback, with 123 from Part A : Love Peace & Ice cream, Younha has managed to to beat Big Bang‘s and 2NE1‘s Lollipop as well as Super Junior‘s SORRY SORRY. Fans of Younha are giving the single a lot of praise saying it is better than they had expected it to be. Younha’s new image and new music is attracting a lot of new fans as well as satisfying old ones.
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Younha 123 MV!

Younha‘s comeback with 123 from Part A Peace Love & Ice Cream.

video by wondersmurf

Lion Media On Younha’s 123 Leak

Younha‘s planned comeback with 123 on the 16th of April was spoiled when the song leaked on April 11. Although investigation took place soon after it’s first leak on April 11, via p2p and other video sites, the song leaked once again on the 12th and quickly spread all over different sites. They said that they will take action on all known sources to have participated in the leak and spread of the single.

Due to the leak the album will now be released a day earlier, April 15.

Younha’s song 123 leaked!

Younha‘s comeback with 123 from her third album, Part A: Peace, Love, & Ice Cream, is scheduled for the April 16 and a preview for the teaser was released on the 10th, but today the whole song was leaked.