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BoA Restarting US Promotion Tour

After the failure to stand out to the American audience due to poor promotion the first time, BoA’s management decides to it one more shot with ‘I Did It For Love.’ BoA will be on a promotion tour of her songs through American radio broadcasts all over the country, including New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Florida, Orlando, Miami, and Seattle. She plans on introducing ‘I Did It For Love’ when she goes out on interviews, which is a good plan since radio is the main publicity means for pop music in America.

BoA’s ‘I Did It For Love’ MV (finally) Released!

Amazing, beautiful, sexy, flawless. I’m in love! We’re rooting for you BoA!

BoA on TV TV has three videos of BoA in which she talks about her breakout in the USA, her style, and how to speak Korean.

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