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Wonder Girls Ask Korean Fans to Help Via Myspace

A few years late to the Myspace trend, are we? The Wonder Girls teach Korean fans how to sign up to Myspace so they can help support them. The video includes shots of them coming to the US, bloopers, and clips of their performances from their US concerts back in March.

BoA’s ‘I Did It For Love’ MV (finally) Released!

Amazing, beautiful, sexy, flawless. I’m in love! We’re rooting for you BoA!

The Wonder Girls Tweet

Sunmi (“MiMi”): “ me & yenny unni! ”

Sohee: “ in the studio ”

Sunye (“Sun”): “ At Pinky Nail Salon! You like the blue?! ”

Where’s Yubin?

If you aren’t following them yet, what are you waiting for?

Utada Hikaru Discusses Tracks of “This Is The One”

Video Credit: dragonxsamo

This is an interview where Utada Hikaru discusses the tracks on her new album, “This Is The One”. Below the cut I included a typed out version.

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