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So Young from After School Hospitalized

On the morning of April 18, After School‘s So Young fainted due to fatigue and overwork. She was hospitalized and is being treated, which is why she wasn’t present in their latest performance at Music Core.

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UEE on her debut with After School

UEE, the newest member of After School, says that her experience debuting on April 9th at M CountDown will be an unforgettable day in her life, because soon after that, on the 12th, it was her birthday. She also said that the first rehearsal, pre-recording, being on camera and in front of her new fans gave her goose bumps. The girls said that as the number of group members increases they only get better and are very happy to have UEE. Although UEE is not on the same level with the rest of the girls when it comes to performing she will get more comfortable as she gets more experience.

After School VS Big Bang and 2NE1


Today, After School‘s comeback single DIVA made it #1 on Bugs Music Chart after some tough competition against Big Bang and 2NE1‘s Lollipop. However, After School ran out of luck when Lollipop returned to #1. For a new band After School sure is doing very well for keeping up with Big Bang and 2NE1.

After School’s Kim Yoo Jin/UEE Celebrates Birthday

Uee Birthday 1

The newest member of After School UEE out celebrating her 22nd birthday, or 21 by western standards. Below the cut is one more picture.

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