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Lee Jun Ki is back!

On April 18, actor Lee Jun Ki was at Olympic Park in Seoul promoting Episode 2: The Mask. This is all part of his comeback with a concert and fan meeting for his new single called J STYLE. J STYLE was actually leaked on April 17, the same day as his birthday. It has a little of everything, like dance, rock and ballads.

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Park Shin Hye and Kim Hyun Joong – “Dynamic Kin”

Park Shin Hye and Boys Over Flowers actor Kim Hyun Joong will model for Coca-Cola‘s new drink ‘Dynamic Kin’.

The two have been signed up for 6-month contract to model for Dynamic Kin. Together, they are set to film the CF by the end of April for a release in May.

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2PM Receives Huge Recognition

2pm2PM’s latest minialbum ‘2:00PM Time For Change’ has received a large amount of positive feedback upon their recent comeback. 2PM’s new single was released through digitally on the 16th and the title song ‘Again & Again’ has received an explosive response from fans by obtaining the No. 1 spot on the Cyworld music chart. Their other new songs such as ‘I Hate You’, the R&B version of ‘Again & Again‘, and ‘She Might Come Back’ also made it to the top 10 in Naver and Cyworld, where it’s labeled as HOT.

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Korean Gackt Concert Canceled

gacktJapanese musician, composer, lyricist, poet, author, actor, designer, model (and whatever else he does) Gackt was scheduled to perform a concert in Korea on May 18, but has now announced that the show has been canceled due to financial reasons. Gackt explains that the sponsors of the concert have unexpectedly withdrawn due to the global recession.

The concert was planned to play at Seoul’s Olympic Hall with a setup close to his Japanese tour that started in December.

Yoona Watches Herself

On April 15th, Girls’ Generation sat together in their dorm and watched the first episode of Yoona’s drama ‘Cinderella Man.’

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Wonder Girls Ask Korean Fans to Help Via Myspace

A few years late to the Myspace trend, are we? The Wonder Girls teach Korean fans how to sign up to Myspace so they can help support them. The video includes shots of them coming to the US, bloopers, and clips of their performances from their US concerts back in March.

Big Bang: Men in Suit (LG Cyon Suit)

Cyon releasing another cellphone already? The CF is pretty boring and short, and doesn’t show off anything about the phone besides it being slim and stylish, but the boys look great! Below the cut is 19 promotional pictures.

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