2PM Receives Huge Recognition

2pm2PM’s latest minialbum ‘2:00PM Time For Change’ has received a large amount of positive feedback upon their recent comeback. 2PM’s new single was released through digitally on the 16th and the title song ‘Again & Again’ has received an explosive response from fans by obtaining the No. 1 spot on the Cyworld music chart. Their other new songs such as ‘I Hate You’, the R&B version of ‘Again & Again‘, and ‘She Might Come Back’ also made it to the top 10 in Naver and Cyworld, where it’s labeled as HOT.

JYP Entertainment’s official spokesperson said, “The response for 2PM’s new single has surprised us. We want to thank the fans for waiting for 2PM. 2PM will make their comeback next week and please wait for it. 2PM too, has been waiting for it and preparing hard for the stage performance, so please wait for it”.

2PM‘s much awaited promotion activies will begin on April 23rd on the Mnet MCountdown stage.


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